Sunday, February 19, 2017

One Easy Way to Create the Relaxation Response

There is a gently focused brain state that encourages the emergence of a calm mind and relaxed body. This beneficial state is called the Relaxation Response.

One way to easily enter this brain state is to sit comfortably, choose an object to observe, and begin to simply notice. The noticing is gentle, but purposive.

A Present Moment Experience

In front of me as these words are being written sits a piece of amethyst. My eyes are drawn to one facet and then another of the beautiful gem.

As the rays of sunlight fall on the stone, I notice a continuum of purple shades and then the unique shapes and angles of hundreds upon hundreds of facets.

As my eyes wander along the gem, they find their way to the stone’s base where it meets the tabletop. From some subconscious level an awareness arises suggesting the stone’s base is like a flower stem from which leaves and colorful, perfectly shaped blooms emerge.

There’s a sense of deep connection with the crystal as my eyes of imagination fixate on a spot deep within the stone that my physical eyes can’t see. From a subconscious place of knowing, I choose to rest awareness on that special spot.

My mind is silent. I’m aware of my breath; I’m aware of my body; I’m aware of my sense of calm connection to a reality beyond my five physical senses.

I choose to float in this special place of peace for what seems like an hour, but according to the clock is just a little more than a minute.

As I silently choose to return to normal consciousness, I notice my body is relaxed, my mind remains quiet, and I’m smiling a soft Mona Lisa smile of contentment.

Choosing Your Focus Object

While I happened to choose a lovely piece of amethyst as my focus object, you can use any object. Flowers, glass, paintings, photos, even a coffee cup are all options.

With this type of meditation, we can choose any physical object. Sounds can also be points of focus as can physical sensations such the breath.

Choosing Peace

There are countless meditation methods that can result in beneficial brain, mind, and body states of peace.  

Regardless of what meditation method you’re drawn to, only two choices are necessary. First, choose to experience the Relaxation Response for whatever time period you prefer and; secondly, choose a method to create that health and emotional well-being experience.

Which Meditation Method is Best?

One of the most frequent questions I hear from new clients is, “Which meditation method is best?”.

Because I get this question so frequently, I decided to offer a free webinar that will answer that question for everyone who attends.

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Steve Carter

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