Friday, March 15, 2019

Stress Mastery Tip: Practice Forest Bathing for Calm and Wellbeing

In Japan, there is a term for immersing yourself in the energy of trees. Shinnin-yoku is the practice of taking in the forest atmosphere or, "forest bathing".

Recall a time you wandered in the woods. Bring to mind how it felt to walk and experience the calming effects of Mother Nature. Perhaps there was a gentle breeze, a pleasing aroma, and sounds of birds and rustling leaves. 

The Magical Energy of Trees

There is something magical about spending time among trees. Some believe there is a special magical energy emitted by trees.

When trees are in groves, woods, or a forest, there seems to be an exponential increase in the energy field. It's palpable. I'll bet you experienced the calming effects yourself when you strolled among those majestic large trees. 

It's as if the Shinnin-yoku energy is absorbed within and through your entire energy system.

Why not take a stroll among trees now or as soon as possible? Even a small grove or perhaps a single, large tree will do. 

Really allow your awareness to connect with the sights, sounds, and sensations of the experience.

One More Shinnin-yoku Suggestion 

Oh... one more suggestion. When no one is looking, go ahead and hug a tree and feel it's texture and energy. 

The tree will love it and so will you.

Stephen Carter

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