Sunday, December 29, 2019

3 Step Secret for Mindful Walking

Say the word, “Meditation” and the image that comes to mind is likely a person seated in a Lotus posture with legs crossed, back erect, and fingertips touching in what’s called a Mudra pose. 

Say, “Walking Meditation”, and the image likely coming to mind is a person walking deliberately through the various sections of a labyrinth. A labyrinth is a complex set of pathways requiring someone’s full attention to navigate through the maze.

But the truth is you can practice Walking Mindful Meditation virtually anytime you choose whether you're walking long distances or simply walking a few feet across the room.

Why Walking Meditation is So Calming and Easy to Do

Anytime you enter into Mindful Awareness you're releasing stress. Why? Because when you're attending to the present moment, the mind isn’t creating stories about what can go wrong in the future or looking back at yesterday’s memories ruminating about some wrong done to you or done by you. 

The Present Moment is a place of peace. When you’re in this Present Moment, your brain hemispheres are in balance and your mind and body are functioning in an optimum way.

Here’s a question I often hear when recommending walking meditation to clients: 

“Steve, how can I be in Present Awareness while I’m walking? Doesn’t the act of walking affect my ability to stay relaxed?"

Here’s the 3 Step Secret

  • Before beginning to walk, stop whatever you’re doing;
  • Allow three comfortable, calming breaths; then,
  • Bring attention to your body and observe yourself get up and walk;
In a few seconds you’ll be able to settle your attention into full awareness of your movement. Simply notice your movement step by step. Stay in mindful awareness as you walk. Just notice. Be present. That is enough.

Whether you’re walking across a room, around the block, or to some other destination a mile away, focus your awareness on the walking movement. If thoughts intrude, as soon as you notice those thoughts, say in mind or out loud, “That’s a thought” and then let the though dissolve as you return attention to your walking.

When you arrive at your destination, you may choose to smile and allow three more comfortable, calming breaths. It’s now time to engage in whatever activities you need to perform. But you’re now going to engage in those activities with a fresh, relaxed mind and body.

Try Mindful Walking for Yourself

I suggest having a go at Mindful Walking to experience it’s benefits. You’ll likely feel calmer and more centered after your experience whether the walk takes only 30 seconds or 30 minutes. The calming benefits of Mindful Walking can last for hours.

I would love to hear about your experience of Mindful Walking! Email me at to share your results.

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