Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Got Pain? Get Pain Relief With Easy Mindful Awareness

In this episode of the, "Mind Over Stress" podcast, you learn about two important research studies establishing the effectiveness of mindfulness in reducing the intensity of physical pain and the emotional disturbance that often accompanies physical pain. 

Commenting on the most recent study, lead researcher Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D., assistant professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the medical school associated with Baptist Medical Center, said,

 "We now know that some people are more mindful than others, and those people seemingly feel less pain."

Can Mindful Awareness be Learned?

Can mindful awareness be learned? In our experience at Stress Solutions, LLC, the answer is absolutely yes.

In this "Mind Over Stress" podcast, you specifically will:

  • Discover where in the brain mindfulness works to reduce the felt pain experience;
  • Discover how exactly to begin a pain reduction mindfulness practice; and,
  • Experience a 10-minute Mindful Awareness guided meditation you can apply to help reduce the felt sense of pain.

Here is the link to listen to this podcast episode including the 10-minute Mindful Awareness guided meditation.

If you're not seeing the audio player, click https://podcastplayer.io/podcast/stephencarter/62 to listen to the podcast episode.

Stephen Carter

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