Thursday, April 26, 2018

Will You Love and Accept Love to Make the World a Better Place?

William Glasser, MD, a noted psychiatrist, postulated decades ago that the two deepest needs humans have are to love and to be loved. 

Years after publishing his original work describing Reality Therapy, he distilled those two simple needs down to one: the need to belong.

How to Bring Love and Belonging Into Your Life Every Day

In this 4-minute episode of the, "Make the World a Better Place" podcast recorded in a Barnes & Noble cafe', I expand on how we can bring Dr. Glasser's insights into reality in our own lives by sharing positive heartfelt words of approval with family, friends, co-workers and others. 

In sharing words of approval that tell others we love them and we are open to accept love from them, we truly do make this world a better place.

Click the audio player below to learn the simple actions that will enrich your life and lives of others.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Why Stress Matters & a Guided Meditation for Stress Release

Click Player at End of Post to Listen to, "Why Stress Matters & Guided Meditation for Stress Release", episode 1 of the "Mind Over Stress Show" podcast.

This show is born out of my desire to help everyone live a healthier, happier, low stress life. As a former trainer for the Maryland Police Training Commission, I was tasked with developing the first stress management training program for police supervises way back in the 1970s. 

In developing that early stress management program, I learned and experienced many stress reduction methods including hypnosis, meditation, and somatic or body-based relaxation methods. For more than 40-years, I’ve been an evangelist for encouraging people to take control of their own wellbeing.

Why Chronic Stress Matters?

If you enter the search term, “stress and health” into the Google Scholar search service, you’ll see nearly 4.6 million results. The science is clear: chronic stress robs us of a zest for life, health, and happiness. 

A chronically stressed body can be a seedbed for physical and emotional disease. One key reason for increased disease risk relates to the immune system. Under chronic stress, the immune system can be degraded and in some cases virtually shut down entirely.

Study after study link chronic stress to increased risk for heart disease, cancer, and other serious conditions. One study found toxic workplace stress could take 33 years off of your life expectancy.

Stress creates a mental and emotional environment of anxiety and depression. There is a direct connection between our level of stress and our sense of happiness and emotional wellbeing. 

Stress Makes us Stupid

Stress makes us stupid and reduces our ability to perform in an optimum way. Why? Because under stress, there are physiological changes that include redirection of blood from the brain to large muscle groups in the body in preparation for flight or fight. We simply don’t have the same brain power when we’re stressed.

How You Benefit From Listening to This Show?

You and I just explored the bad news about stress. The good news is there are proven, effective, and easily done methods for dissolving stress and enhancing physical and emotional wellbeing. 

That is what this show is about. In every episode, you’ll learn the tools, techniques, and mindset to create optimum wellbeing. 

Some episodes will include interviews with experts who will share their stories of healing and offer proven methods to achieve a happier, healthier life. 

In other episodes, I will share the latest stress related research and provide easily done ways to dissolve stress and create positive, life-affirming states of mind and body.

First Stress Technique - Yawn, Sight, Stretch

Speaking of dissolving stress, let’s experience our first stress dissolving technique followed by a short guided meditation.

As simple as this is, the fMRI evidence tells us it's a powerful method for energizing the prefrontal cortex (executive function area of the brain) while relaxing the body. You simply yawn, sigh, and stretch. Yawn even if you don't feel a need to do so. Repeat two or three times for instant stress relief.

Guided Meditation - Audio Time Stamp 5:08

Please don’t listen if you’re driving or engaged in other activity requiring your full attention. Listen later when you can give 100% attention to this Relaxation Response experience.

To listen to this guided meditation for stress release, click the player below. If you want to go directly to the meditation section, go to the 5 minutes and 8 seconds position in the audio file.

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