Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5 Ways to Lower the Staggering Stress Cost of a Baby

Can the cost of stress related to a new baby really be calculated? Researchers at the University of Melbourne say, "Yes!".

The results are in. Researchers at the University of Melbourne have calculated the cost of time pressure and stress experienced by mothers in the first year of a baby's life. 

So how much does that little bundle of joy cost in stress dollars? A whopping $85,000!

Begin Stress Mastery Practices Early

At Stress Solutions, LLC we suggest expectant mothers and fathers engage in Stress Mastery practices well ahead of a child's birth. While the months before birth can be exciting and encourage greater bonding between mother and father, it also can be a time of uncertainty, worry, and tension. 

Life is disrupted and living patterns change. Any change can bring elevated stress. Even the most loving and caring people can experience moments when they snap at their partner or otherwise say and do things out of character.

Creating a Calm and Loving Space

So what can a couple do to create a calm and loving space before and after birth?

  • Recognize and verbalize the fact that during the time leading up to and beyond birth there will likely be periods of high stress for everyone, including other children in the family.
  • Establish a physical signal - a hand-touch for example - that lets your partner know you're sensing stress linked behavior. This signal must be established and agreed to before you're in the heat of emotion. Applying that touch or other agreed upon signal can then act as a cue for the other person to stop, breathe, and get better clarity. 
  • Engage in stress-lowering practices such as meditation, meridian tapping, bilateral tapping, or simply taking a short walk outside or to another room.
  • Apologize to your partner once the emotional storm has passed. The words, "I'm sorry" can be healing and calming for you both.
  • Smile, touch, and share often. Be present and listen beyond the words. Let your partner know you love them with words, smiles, and actions.

All of these suggestions lead to both people experiencing moments of calm and clarity. Once those moments are experienced, the storm subsides as positive thoughts and emotions begin to flow. 

Remember, calm and loving parents raise calm and loving children. Stress Mastery is a lifelong gift you give to your children and to each other.

You'll find information about the University of Melbourne study below.

With love and light,

Steve Carter

Stress Solutions, LLC

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Researchers attach dollar figure to the stress cost of a new baby

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