Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Inflamed Mind - Why This BBC Report Matters

One of the mysteries of the mind and brain is why we can be functioning perfectly one day and then - sometimes overnight - fall into a bottomless sense of depression and even serious psychosis. 

A recent BBC report focuses on a new line of scientific investigation into the roles inflammation and autoimmune disorders can play in our mental wellbeing. The new approaches that come from these discoveries may mean better treatment outcomes and happier lives.

What's New and Why Does it Matter?

Problem: For about a third or more people dealing with depression and many additional people dealing with psychotic conditions, talk therapy offers little or no help.

Emerging Science: There is growing evidence that for many people depression and even psychotic
conditions can result from a whole body reaction to inflammation and autoimmune disorders. 

To quote Prof. Pariante, one of the medical scientists associated with this BBC story, 

"It is groundbreaking because, for the first time, we are demonstrating that depression is not only a disorder of the mind, in fact it is not even only a disorder of the brain, it is a disorder of the whole body.

Promising Solutions: As with so many challenging conditions, for many people depression and perhaps other serious mental conditions may best be treated in a holistic way.

A Possible Way Forward

If, after reading the article and listening to the audio report (see below), you conclude it's possible you or someone you know may be helped by exploring the role inflammation and autoimmune activity may be playing in a mental condition, talk with your doctor. Since this may be new information for many medical professionals, you may need to point them toward the BBC reports.

I encourage you to first read the BBC article entitled, "Depression: a Revolution in Treatment?" at

After reading this article, I encourage you to visit the BBC page that includes the recorded radio exploration of these discoveries at

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