Thursday, March 29, 2018

Your Child or Your Phone - Which is More Important?

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In this short episode of "Make the World a Better Place" podcast, you meet a mother who cares more about her phone than her child. We explore how turning off the phone and connecting with our children and other loved ones really does make the world a better place.

A four-year old boy was desperate to gain the attention of his mother. As the mother waited to pick up their order at McDonald's with her face buried in a cell phone, the boy called out to his mother, pleading with her to look at the toys in a display. He was excited to share with his mother which toy he wanted.

As he called to her again and again, she ignored him. Her face stayed buried in the cell phone. In desperation, the four-year ran to his mother and pulled on her pant leg crying out, "mom, mom, please look!".

The boy's mother finally raised her head from the phone and shouted at the boy, "Can't you see I'm busy? Leave me alone!". She turned back to the phone.

Crushed, the boy walked back over to the toys, turned around and just looked at his mother.

The Important Lesson - Be Present for Loved Ones

As part of this, "Make the World a Better Place" short 3-minute podcast, I encourage everyone to learn from this story and evaluate what - and who - are most important to us.

In my view, there is nothing more important than giving our complete attention to our children, our loved ones, and our friends who are with us here and now. By turning off the phone and really connecting with others in a committed, loving way, we find a greater sense of happiness and inner joy.

How to Make This World - and Your World - a Better Place

In connecting with those with us in the here and now, we truly do make the world a better place for others and for ourselves.

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