Thursday, April 26, 2018

Will You Love and Accept Love to Make the World a Better Place?

William Glasser, MD, a noted psychiatrist, postulated decades ago that the two deepest needs humans have are to love and to be loved. 

Years after publishing his original work describing Reality Therapy, he distilled those two simple needs down to one: the need to belong.

How to Bring Love and Belonging Into Your Life Every Day

In this 4-minute episode of the, "Make the World a Better Place" podcast recorded in a Barnes & Noble cafe', I expand on how we can bring Dr. Glasser's insights into reality in our own lives by sharing positive heartfelt words of approval with family, friends, co-workers and others. 

In sharing words of approval that tell others we love them and we are open to accept love from them, we truly do make this world a better place.

Click the audio player below to learn the simple actions that will enrich your life and lives of others.

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