Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stress Eating and How to Stop the Habit

Two recent studies published in the journal "Neuron", report on findings related to stress and food choices. Links to those two articles mentioned in the podcast are below.

Bottom Line Regarding Stress and Diet

The bottom line for those who are choosing to achieve and maintain a healthy weight is to recognize and account for the role stress plays in our choices about what we eat.

By clicking on the special episode audio podcast link below, you'll learn how to combine two easily done, simple methods that will dissolve stress and place you back in the captain's chair of control when making food choices.

To listen to the 5-minute audio, click:

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Key Points:
  • Stress affects our ability to make good food choices.
  • Stress chemicals can remain in the body up to several hours after a stress inducing event.
  • A three-step stress mastering process done before you make a food choice can help you make healthier choices.
  • How to apply the three-step stress mastering process:
    1. Identify where in your body stress / tension / uncomfortable sensations are located. If possible, touch those areas and really connect with your awareness.
    2. Say "Yes to the Stress!" Acknowledge "what is" without resistance or desire to feel any differently.
    3. Use Bi-Lateral foot tapping and voice (out loud or in mind) the command to, "Release and let it go... Let all of the stress dissolve and release."
Using this three-step process, you are now ready to make food choices from a place of more physical, emotional, and mental balance that supports better, healthier food choice decisions.



Stephen Carter
Stress Solutions, LLC

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For more information about the studies mentioned in the podcast and intro above, click the links below.

Scientists scan the brain to see how stress undermines your diet

How stress can tweak the brain to sabotage self-control

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