Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ocean Meditation - an Easy Way to Create Peace of Mind and Body

One of the best gift you can give yourself is peace of mind and body. An easy way to find that gift is to visit a place that is soothing, calming, and even primordial. For me, there is no better place to relax, release, and recharge than the ocean.

Experience Calm Peace of Mind and Body

If you would like to experience the calm peace the ocean offers, I suggest you watch and enjoy the, "Ocean Meditation" video below. As you allow your awareness to go deeper into the relaxing experience, close your eyes and allow your mind to wander back to a time when you were looking out over the ocean.

Bring to mind a time you were walking on a beautiful beach. Recall the sounds. Recall the magnificent ocean's roar. Recall the sound of never ending waves breaking on the beach as if Mother Nature was singing a magic song for you and you alone.

Tune your attention to other sounds. Recall the ceaseless calls from countless seagulls soaring with easy grace. Recall the unique sounds of the beach breeze with it's rhythmic musical beauty. 

Feel the Sand, Breeze, Aroma, and Warmth

Now turn your attention to the felt sense of the sand. Notice the temperature of the sand and how the sand feels as you take a step and then another.

Now allow yourself to feel the ocean breeze. There's a special sensation to the breeze and it's soothing magic.

Allow your awareness to sense that special ocean aroma. 

Breathe in and allow the full experience to calm mind and body...

Experience the Ocean Meditation Now

Let's begin now by activating the, "Ocean Meditation" video and then allow your mind to drift into that special place of calm and peace.

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