Monday, August 27, 2018

Want to Create Positive Feelings? Ask This Question!

Positive questions call out positive memories and ideas
Do you want to create positive feelings in others and yourself with one powerful question?

The post below is a transcript of the latest, "Make the World a Better Place" podcast.

In this episode, you discover one powerful question that creates positive feelings immediately. This question directs the mind to recall specific memories of positive experiences, conversations, and emotions that make the person you ask - and yourself - feel wonderful. 

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Now, let's "tune in" to the, "Want to Create Positive Feelings? Ask This Question" special episode transcript:

Our "Better World" Begins in a Hair Salon

We begin our story at a hair salon. And as I sat down in the chair to get my haircut, I started chatting with the young lady who has been cutting my hair for 10 to 12 years - quite a long time. I asked her if she had been on vacation. She said, “yes”, they had as a family gone to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

And it just came to me, a question: I asked, What was the best part of your vacation?"

She thought for three or four seconds, and she said, 

“Well, the second day we were there, we walked out on the beach and we found this inlet. It was about seven o'clock in the morning, very few people were around, it was very pleasant."

"We found this inlet and as we looked at all of the teeming life in that watery inlet, we noticed crabs, little sand crabs that were running around. My daughter found an octopus. My brother-in-law found a starfish."

"It was just magic watching all of the life forms in that little inlet. We stayed there for the better part of two hours.”

As she was telling me the story, she was smiling; she was beaming; she was re-living the magic moments of that vacation.

How You Can Use The “Best Part…” Question

I invite you to do the same when you are in conversation with someone. And of course, if it is an appropriate time or circumstance to ask, ask, 

“What was the best thing about x? 

What was the best thing about your day? 

What was the best thing about that vacation? 

What was the best thing about your conversation with your daughter last night? 

What was the best thing about the visit with your grandchild?” 

This question is a powerful key to opening the vault of positive memories, positive experiences for others. You also get the benefit of enjoying their stories. 

Use the “Best Part… Question for Yourself

I also suggest periodically ask yourself that same question.

“What was the best part of my day today? 

What was the best part of my conversation with my coworker today? 

What was the best part of my morning and evening commute? 

What was enjoyable? What was fun? What was special?”

A Great Journal Question

If you like to journal, this is a great question to start your journaling activities. I encourage you to keep a journal. It doesn't have to be elaborate. 

Keep a journal about the most interesting or the most enjoyable three things you experience each day. It's a great way to end your day. 

Those psychologists who are steeped in the method of positive psychology will tell you that keeping a journal over time is the single best way to elevate your overall sense of happiness, 

Returning to conversations with others and with yourself, when you ask that magic question, “What was the best part of your day?”,  you are opening the vault - the energy vault, the fun vault, the positive memory vault for others and for yourself. When you open that vault, you truly do make this world a better place.

What’s Next?

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Until we again chat, this is your host for, "Make the World a Better Place", Stephen Carter, asking you to please, 

…be well, 
…be kind,
…and be blessed.

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