Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chronic Worry and a Quiet Mind

Chronic worry is a huge contributor to elevated stress. In the Theatre of Mind, we can become transfixed with one imaginary disaster movie after another. 

"Life isn't safe", our thinking goes. "If I worry enough about this situation and all of the terrible possibilities, then the answers for every painful iteration of possibilities will somehow appear."

In truth, however, the opposite is true. Regardless of how difficult a situation appears, worry will never solve it. We are far better able to deal with adversity with a clear, calm mind.

In correspondence with a client today about experiencing chronic worry, part of my message included the commentary,

"When we stay rooted in the 'Now' - this moment - there is little sense of time, past or future. In reality, 'Now' is all we have. Past and future are constructs of the mind. Resting in the present moment brings peace; nothing else can."

Chronic worry can't penetrate a quiet mind. When the mind is quiet, the answers emerge.

I'm reminded of Lao Tzu's guidance:

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Stephen Carter
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