Friday, November 20, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness Change You - and the World!

Yesterday I happened to stop by a Baltimore City McDonald's to get a cup of coffee. Rain was falling and the wind was brisk, so I hurried toward the door.

As I approached the building, I noticed a mostly empty can of cat food someone had left about 20 feet from the entrance. 

This act of kitty kindness caused me to stop and give a tip of my hat to the unknown person who cared enough about the well-being of one or more stray cats to provide food. It was simply a random act of kindness.

Seeing the evidence of that stranger's random act of kindness was touching. Even more important, I was reminded that I too have opportunities every day to make this world a better, happier place. 

We all in fact have opportunities to practice random acts of kindness. Offering a smile to someone you pass on the street; allowing another motorist to pull ahead of you in traffic; buying a cup of coffee or even a meal for someone homeless are just three examples.

I encourage you to offer random acts of kindness today - and tomorrow. These acts change your chemistry and feelings for the better...

They also change the world.



Stephen Carter
Stress Solutions, LLC

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