Monday, April 18, 2016

Escape the Trap of Meditation Spiritual Bypassing

One common trap that can block you from experiencing optimum meditation benefits is a behavior called Spiritual Bypassing.

Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual Bypassing occurs when we use spiritual practices such as meditation to avoid uncomfortable emotions and problems. Rather than deal directly with difficult feelings or situations, we avoid them using meditation as a diversion.

How to Escape the Trap

First, recognize that virtually every one of us has fallen into the trap of Spiritual Bypassing at one time or another. We use meditation as a form of medication to try and dull or avoid painful thoughts and uncomfortable emotions.

Second, give voice to what is. Acknowledge you are dealing with a difficult situation. Bring the problem to awareness before entering into formal meditation. 

Sit with the problem and notice what thoughts and sensations arise. Simply allow any body sensations to emerge, peak, and dissolve in a nonjudgmental way. As you “watch” the thoughts and sensations, they will dissolve.

Entering into Your Formal Meditation Practice

Once the emotional storm has subsided, set the intention to be open to whatever insights and guidance may arise during your formal meditation practice.

Enter into the formal meditation session with no urgency or expectation that “the answer” to your problem will emerge. It may, or it may not. No matter.

Deal With the Problem

After your formal meditation session, deal with whatever situation you have labeled as, “the problem”. 

If insights or ideas about how to resolve it arose during meditation, great. If not, calmly move forward toward resolving the situation in a way that honors you and anyone else associated with the situation.

Additional Tips

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