Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Simple Secrets to Great Public Speaking - The TED Way

One of the most frequent challenges clients ask for help with is their fear of public speaking. 

There are a number of key Stress Mastery methods that do the job. I'll be sharing some of those methods in future posts, but I am choosing to begin this series on becoming a powerful communicator by sharing a short 8-minute video by TED Talk curator Chris Anderson. 

Chris shares the secret that all great TED Talks have in common. He talks about the power of ideas and how to present them in a clear, compelling way. 

His four guidelines for building ideas inside the minds of your listeners are:

  • Focus on one major idea.
  • Give your listeners a reason to care.
  • Build your idea with familiar concepts.
  • Make your idea worth sharing.

Chris expands on each of these guidelines in a way that brings clarity and understanding. If becoming a better communicator is important to you, I recommend investing 8-minutes toward your goal by watching Chris' talk. 

If you would like more information about how to apply simple, effective Stress Mastery methods to become a polished, confident presenter, visit us at www.EFT-MD.com


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Stephen Carter
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