Thursday, November 8, 2018

How to Apply Loving Touch for Self-Care

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Loving Touch Technique for Self-Care

In this episode of, "Less Stress More Joy!", you'll experience an easy to use method to calm and renew called, Loving Touch. 

Loving Touch uses fingertips to stroke sensitive areas of your hands with soothing, gentle movements. You can also apply Loving Touch to your face, arms, legs as time permits to experience even deeper states of relaxation, peace, and calm. 

Loving Touch is a sensual, gentle way to release stress and feel great. It's a marvelous way to create what's called the Relaxation Response, which is an optimum state of mind and body for emotional and physical well-being.

The Loving Touch technique can also be applied to others with permission. They will enjoy a relaxing, sensual sense of calm and stress release.

Yawn, Sigh, Stretch for Cognitive Clarity

In addition to Loving Touch self-care, by listening to this episode in the player above, you learn how to apply the, "Yawn, Sigh, and Stretch" method to relax mind and body. This technique helps clear brain fatigue and revitalizes the prefrontal cortex of the brain after long periods of mental activities. 

After applying the, Yawn, Sigh, Stretch action, you'll experience a sharper sense of presence and cognitive clarity.

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