Friday, November 2, 2018

How Mother Nature Can Change Your Mind

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Recent research confirms what we all know to be true. Time spent outside in Mother Nature renews the mind, body, and spirit. Time in Mother Nature literally changes the mind. It provides a direct link to our physical roots and reconnects us with the primal source of life.

Moment to Moment Experience in Mother Nature

In this episode recorded in a lovely grove of trees, I share my moment to moment experience as Mother Nature works her magic. I literally feel the positive changes take hold and share how those changes bring enhanced energy, wellbeing, and a sense of calm.

Your Invitation to Enhance Mood and Well-being

I invite you to take just a few minutes each day to leave your residence, your office, and other indoor spaces to spend time in a park or even a tree lined neighborhood connecting to the magic energies only available when we're outside. The air we breath outside is far more energized and fresh than the air available inside offices, homes, and even cars.

Why would I invite you to experience even just a few minutes of Mother Nature? Because it changes your mind and enhances mood and wellbeing. 

How You Can Make the World a Better Place

When you are energized, relaxed, and calm, you influence those you connect with. They are influenced by your positive energy. When that happens, you are literally making this world a better place. 

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